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Get the exposure you need and deserve directly to local consumers and other business!


We help you meet the Top 3 challenges for your business.

  • Attracting customers in your service area consistently and cost effectively

  • Differentiating your business from big chains and big tech like Walmart and Amazon .

  • Staying connected with locals and visitors by improving their experience with automation tools to be there when they need you most. 

Local First Manchester is designed as an old school website that contains your locally owned business listings (without the big chains) and provides low cost advertising opportunities. We connect the dots to local consumers and visitors through your locally owned business listings with your, coupons, events and specials coupled with low cost advertising opportunities to get individual attention through an affordable local first strategy that will work for you all day, every day.

Our Local First strategy is supported by our community website for exposure and engagement directly with Manchester residents, businesses and their representatives, investors (buyers and sellers), visitors and consumers who are browsing Manchester information right now through your account and listing on our Business Directory.

The resources are endless for local consumers and gives them access to exclusive and relevant information about Manchester and immediately take advantage of local investments, products and services, and assistance provided. Your listing gets you front and center! It only makes sense to add or update your listing to make sure it is accurate and up to date.

Check for your listing now and see who is already there: 

Business Directory


After registering, 

you are an associate member of the 

Local First Community - Manchester. 

You have taken the first step in maximizing your local exposure with an exclusively local platform. Proceed now to add, update and verify your business listings to gain hyper local control of it's contents. 

NOTE: During 2021, when listing your business on our Business Directory for Manchester, add your free upgrade to your listing at no charge for a limited time by choosing theLFC option.  

Your Business Directory listing upgrade, LFC Special, includes:

  • Link to your website

  • One free coupon

  • Option of Listing in 2 categories or add your email address

For Local consumers and visitors learn more here:

Need help with your listing? GO HERE

That's it! You're in!

The site gives users can access to everything local in Manchester like Real Estate Listings, exclusive online news and information including the opportunity to share their own information. It was designed so local residents, visitors and consumers can browse local information and find your listing on the Business Directory and access local coupons and deals.

Your listing will give you a platform to engage with locals and visitors to Manchester to offer your products and services and for them to Shop Local!! 

Local First Communities  Basic Membership

  • ID Package to get your business noticed as locally owned and get top billing on our Business Directory for Manchester. 

  • Monthly information, feedback and networking at member locations.

  • Local SEO audit and analysis

  • Use our co-branding logo on your entryway, signage, brochures and menus as well as an online badge for a minimal cost to cover materials and event costs.

Manchester New Hampshire - Downtown

Local Small Businesses are the Lifeblood of the Community

For local business owners and investors in Manchester

We are here to help local businesses, charitable organizations and investors to engage locally with a hybrid, Hyper Local platform during the Coronavirus crisis and beyond. Local small businesses, especially restaurants, are facing hard decisions about their business in a time of crisis like the presence of the Covid-19 virus and a a competitive online landscape. We understand and we’re here for you.

The Local First Community in Manchester, through our Local First Manchester Community website for Manchester has a generous offers for businesses in Manchester.

Current Offers

INTRODUCING....Local First Manchester

Our current offer is designed with local businesses in mind to maximize their exposure online and specifically for restaurants for take out and to continue to operate and add some cash flow at this critical time and into the future.

and an added value offer for restaurants

During 2021, when listing your business on our Business Directory for Manchester add a free upgrade to your listing at no charge for a limited time.

Your Business Directory listing upgrade, LFM Special,  includes:

  • Link to your website

  • One free coupon

  • Option of Listing in Up to 3 categories or email address

Just log on to Register and enter your information. There! You’re on!

We make it a cinch for you to start getting more customers, keeping in touch with your current customers and making them customers for life.

After registering go to the User Control Panel. Click on the Business Directory Icon.

Now add your your business information to our Business Directory.

Your business may already be listed! It is important that you review our Business Directory to be sure it is not inconsistent with your correct and current information.

First you've got to register for access. REGISTER

Your listing in our Business Directory will contain:

Your business name

Business address,

Business phone

Complete description of what your business has to offer.

If you prefer, contact us: and we will be happy to place your information online for you, or to discuss your listings or to build a campaign strategy using several different types of promotional packages.

Residents of Manchester. Please remember that this virus will very likely take a financial toll on our small businesses and organizations. Consider your local options when you’re out seeking toilet paper and hand sanitizer; if you’re getting take-out, remember that business is especially important to your local restaurants.

Remember to find your local businesses go to: Business Directory

We feature local news, real estate listings, restaurants, weather, visitor's guide, local business directory, calendar, reviews, and more. Whether you live here or are just visiting, we are glad you stopped by!

We're offering Manchester Restaurants a no cost upgrade until 2021!

Restaurants - Add Your menu to our Dining Guide & Menus after registration.

This section will allow restaurant owners to create an online menu for visitors to browse. 

A few things to note...

Your restaurant must be listed in the directory in order to use this option. You must check the "Include restaurant menu" option within your business listing details when listing your restaurant or you will not see the icon circled to the left in your User Control panel.

Other affordable Packages and Payment Plans are available when you register.

You may choose a package that meets your budget: monthly, quarterly and annual payment plans are available.

 If you prefer, contact your Local First Manchester representative listed below to discuss other payment options.

Our mission is to strengthen the local economy, and we've listed every local business from the available public records. Like the yellow pages, the information in public records is often incorrect or out of date.

Kevin O'Meara:

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