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Local First Communities

At a time when it seems nearly every tech company and big box store is working against local businesses and communities as we know them, Local First Communities is introducing locally owned businesses, investors and nonprofits to a valuable resource exclusively targeted to local consumers in Manchester. Get in the loop! 

 If you are a locally owned business in Manchester, start your free associate membership just by registering as a user on Local First Manchester and post your business listing in our Business Directory using the LFC Special.  As a registered user and approved on Local First Manchester you can participate and post on the site. As a locally owned business you're entitled to add your listing on the Business Directory for Manchester.  Choosing the LFC Special starts you as an LFC Associate Member.

Local consumers use Local First Manchester for easy access to our exclusive Business Directory for Locally Owned in Manchester, free classified, event calendar and relevant resources. They are encouraged to think local first in Manchester . Your Local First Communities membership helps you grow your business and get noticed in Manchester and aligns you with use of your co-branding logo at your location. Upgrading to a Community Membership unlocks your Manchester Community Channel to group newsletters, events and introduction to business services designed to scale and sustain your business.


Local First Communities is supportive of the Local First strategy and Locable Mission. Local isn’t just a place on a map. It’s people, their work, their businesses, their homes and farms, and access to services provided by organizations and local news and local events are just part of what we share. These are  your neighbors and their families and that includes the local landmarks and attractions that define our communities and are all part of it. Aligning together just makes sense as there is strength, not in just numbers but with growth and sustainability of local businesses and for the community at large now and into the the future.

Local First communities is creating new opportunities with an exclusive membership that we create together and address the challenges we work to overcome collectively not through division but our conviction to thrive and contribute to society together.  You can tap into the power of your local business and drive the local economy while connecting with local customers first and building on your local connections to increase Community awareness collaborating to create:

Are you a consumer in the Manchester area? 

To access information about Manchester and support 

locally owned businesses. Learn More Here


See below to find out how to become a member and identify your business as locally owned and get top billing and a slew of other group discounts. as a member. Upgraded members use in store promotion to submit local consumer information for consent to the Newsletter which opens your Community Channel to communicate in hybrid fashion. We help you to maximize your success together through membership with Local First Communities and with Local First Manchester as your exclusive platform and listing.

Qualified businesses earn your locally owned online badge. 

We're the extension of your company you never knew you needed!

Local First Communities

We got you covered at every level and budget.

A few things to note...Your restaurant must be listed in the directory in order to use the exclusive restaurant Menu Guide option. You must check the "Include restaurant menu" option within your business listing details when listing your restaurant or you will not see the icon circled to the left in your User Control panel.

Other affordable Packages and Payment Plans are available when you register. You may choose a package that meets your budget: monthly, quarterly and annual payment plans are available. If you prefer, contact your Local First representative listed below to discuss other payment options.



We believe the local merchant or service provider 

is the lifeblood of communities! 

Yo​ur business was created out of a passion and some specialized knowledge, product or service, that you thought would provide an income for you and your family. What we have found is that helping you to create, grow and sustain cash flow, starting local first, maximizes local economic benefit. Helping you generate cash flow consistently and cost effectively and is the key to our success at helping you and the community connect and succeed. Are you marketing so local consumers find you?

Attracting Local Customers

It's about your local business listings first. Consumers are searching for local businesses online so let us make sure your listing is the one they find. We can help you get your business listings the attention you need through a unique Local First strategy starting with your free online business listing on our Local First websites for your community. 

We're aligning and marketing local businesses with co-branding for offline exposure and events that maximize your success together and individually through your Local Search Audit and Local Search tools to maximize your online exposure on top search engines, online local directories and maps. 


We use a variety of ways to assist you both online and offline with group pricing for business solutions that can work together to boost overall success!

What do the Numbers Tell Us?

According to research by comScore, more than 4 out of 5 consumers that searched local first followed the online search with a visit to the store, a phone call, or a purchase. 

This means 80-percent of people who find your business online when looking for something specific are likely to visit you to follow up on their search. Yet many small businesses have not claimed or updated their local business listings online, which is a huge missed opportunity. 

More and more searchers (especially on mobile devices) are looking for local businesses with accurate, relevant and consistent information., 

Keep Customers for Life

We focus on helping you market online and offline through our partner programs that take back local from Big Box, Big Tech companies and keeps you competitive with group pricing on business services and loyalty programs. 

These factors and other group benefits assist your local business whether you're just starting up, positioning for growth or looking for sustainability. 

Associating with us is free and upgraded memberships are available.

Join us Now!

Local First Communities Partnership

If you are a membership organization​ who wants to enhance recruitment and retention, consider The Local First Communities Partner Program. The program extends our resources through your partner community organization to add benefits for your members. 

Our resources and business solutions include referrals and tools for maximizing local exposure that attract and keep customers for life! Included is exclusive neighborhood or location based co-branded ad placement on signs, street banners and other group events to attract and keep customers.

Your current members can enjoy a free associate membership and will receive access to upgrade opportunities at group pricing and can share content through our Local First website individually and through your organization's dedicated pages and event calendar.

The Local First strategy gives your members the ability to update their listing on our website Business Directory and to cross promote each other and represent their authentic local relationships with your organization with community involvement automatically online and drives exposure, reach & referrals to connect and support each other online and offline with the Local First strategy and our partnership program.


Why Join Our Partner Program

As a business organization you’re always looking to provide a competitive edge to offer to your members and one of the most effective means of doing that is to join with others for strength in numbers. 

There are many advantages and benefits of associating with us. We empower your members to be competitive with the Big Box stores and Big Tech like Amazon by offering your members the opportunity to access group pricing on business services, current business information and upgraded business listings in our Business Directory on our hyper-local website in return for membership including preferred advertising opportunities.

What are you spending on business services right now and how are you keeping pace with the digital paradigm shift? We help connect local consumers and visitors offline to online with an co-branded opportunity. 

Our unique marketing platform provides a hyper-local approach and a free online visibility report and offers a tool to members that improves local business directory listings visibility on top search engines, local directories and our authority site partners including listing on our Local First websites with upgrades and advertising opportunities.

Imagine what your members can do with more bang for their buck!

Contact us for more information

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