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Community Membership

With your Community Membership you get access to Community networking through your Community Channel for Manchester. We connect you with our Community network that keeps you up to date, connects you with local consumers and introduces you to business services and events. A Community Membership gives you the ability to put your local marketing on hyper-local drive to manage all your appointments and orders through one simple, sleek calendar system and booking page or online order page, that gives your business the freedom to grow and be more competitive.   

Get plugged in to be there when they need you. Start automatically engaging consumers in Manchester and improve their customer experience and loyalty. Stay connected for life with those who think local first and be more competitive with Big Chains! 

Imagine the possibilities!

Coming soon is our webstore to order extra decals , co branded materials and online badge !

The Community Customer Exchange

The Community Customer Exchange is designed for you to engage consumers starting with your current customers and using your booking page that can be public or maintained manually and make it easy for you to manage contact information for your clients and keep track of notes, appointments, and spending habits. 

The booking page lists your staff, services, availability and verified contact information and adds the option for customers to self-select the service they want at a time that’s convenient for them and you and can even be accessed through your exclusive QR code displayed right on your entryway or window to your business to add customer profiles when they book appointments with automated confirmation, reminders and payment option. 

Submit these customers to the exchange for their consent to receive network offers and local information. Consenting consumers join the network of proven local first thinkers, consumers and participants and will receive your offerings and network offerings  by group email.

The Community Event Pass

The Community Event Pass grants you access to relevant workshops, webinars, networking events and business expos. Stay up to date and network with other locally owned business owners and participate with Business Expos for locally owned in Manchester.

Free Trial Events: 

The Community Business Exchange

Business Services Exchange includes free trials, discounts, fee waivers, rebates and more. LFC offers automation tools to improve your customer experience and control expenses, Discounted video production time to improve personalization and exposure, Meeting space discount to meet with prospective customers and clients and an Online Community and private Facebook page exclusively for locally owned business. Needs analysis and reporting for local SEO is part of the package also.

Get you free event pass for a limited time.

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