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Increase and sustain revenue

How much do you usually spend on local marketing activities around your local business area? What about your competition? How much do you think you could save by doing some of it on the web? 

Getting your business found online can be tedious, time consuming and expensive without the right approach. You can start right where you are by getting an overview of your current online visibility score and solutions to maximize it to attract and keep high quality customers to find you with just a few clicks! That alone will save you a good amount of money. 

But the idea is that accurate and consistent information attracts and keeps a lot more local customers or visitors a lot faster. By maximizing your online presence you will consistently be competitive and able to increase and sustain your profits while positioning you for growth.


Progress Reports and Analytics

 As you know,  In order to stay in the know, manage your business and to be profitable you must have knowledge about where you are now and where you're going.  In the digital age financial and other reports are generated by computer. Why? Repetitive and time consuming number crunching is performed in seconds.


What we are suggesting is that the analytics used for your online visibility report allows you to see how you are currently scoring in order to make progress. 

The reports will allow you to adjust your marketing plan accordingly. You can completely monitor your progress as to search results, social media and website activities including voice search readiness and GPS. All these things have a positive effect on your profitability.


Easy to implement

Complexity is a word that is disappearing over the web nowadays. One of the strongest visions of any service or product on the web is to make it as easy as possible for the user. 

The same can be said about Local Marketing. You will be amazed how much time, money and effort important companies are spending. We've created the greatest local marketing tools ever starting with an online visibility report that is 100% free to you or at least a fraction of the real cost others charge for SEO.

Our consistent, cost effective and proven philosophy at Local First Marketing is that small to medium sized business or charitable organizations can start right where they are and succeed but need a steady flow of prospects who take action. 


Targeting and Personalization

You can acquire extremely targeted customers for your products and services because you will know who they are, where they come from and what they like. 

You can classify your customers on their demographic profile like age, gender, buying habits, geographic location, income level, occupation, hobbies and interests. You can do almost anything on the web.

* Did you know 90% of smartphone users in the United States use their phones to search for local businesses (comScore). With an estimated 55-percent (Nielsen) of all US mobile phone owners owning a smartphone, we've already reached the tipping point. In fact, 66% of all smartphone sales are to those 18-29 (Pew Internet Project), a chief buying demographic.


Brand Loyalty

A really high level of customer service and the creation of top quality products will help you to build your brand in your local community really well. Make sure to offer quality and provide the best services to your local customers.

You can also use social media for communication and engagement with your customers. Social media can be the best way to gather brand loyalty for your local business if you update it on a regular basis.

With our proven approach we assist you in attracting your most likely customers by being highly visible on all digital devices, managing your online reputation and to work with you to give your brand the ability to create, grow and sustain your income and keep customers both online and offline who become raving fans for life and keep money local first. 



The most popular method these days of finding out information is to first, search on a search engine or use an App., second use Social Media to give or get feedback and third to subscribe to or make purchases based on their research, a follow up email or a visit.

Most potential customers are attracted by seeing good reviews, a consistent brand with deals and loyalty programs, hearing or even smelling something that provides an experience.

Many people are very open to share with others what their experience was and if it was good or bad on Facebook or on a review. Our technology protects and monitors all aspects of your business's online image.

Having your business’ local presence everywhere on the web will increase your business’ authenticity. If you place your business on the web with images, physical address and valuable information about your products and services so viewers will rely on your local listings more than other traditional listings.


Accessibility for mobile searchers

 If your website is registered in local directories and has a mobile optimized layout then your viewers can easily find and navigate it. This will add an extra advantage over your competition.

Millions, if not all mobile devices have applications which help the customer find any business near them. These applications will help you get a large amount of potential customers coming through your local business’ doors.


Stronger Access to Local Market

You can take advantage of local marketing by having a direct connection with your customers and community. That will maximize the chance to gain additional and future opportunities. 

You can also refer the services of other local businesses that offer complementary services. In turn, they will come back to you with extra added benefits, because other local businesses in your communities will refer you to their customers.

To reach local customers, we include the name of the city your business is in and/or the area your business serves. We then focus on using one targeted keyword and carefully place that keyword appropriately. 

Remember, if your business shows up in the search results, you have one shot to get that person to click on your link.

It’s important that we get your business listed correctly and consistently on top online business directories, like Yelp, Merchant Circle, Citysearch and others. We also offer a hyper-local website to engage locally. 


Free traffic

Yeah, that’s right, you will get a lot of free local-customer traffic to your website when you submit it to local directories. Google states that 40% of mobile queries are related to local business searches. Several search engines also have local directories where you can submit your listing too.

That's why it’s so important to get your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP) on the major citation data aggregators like Infogroup, Neustar (aka Localeze), Acxiom and Factual. We always make sure that your company’s NAP is consistent on as many of these directories and citation sites as possible.

Discrepancies like misspellings, abbreviations, lack of suite number and wrong phone number can create havoc when Google can’t determine which information about your business is correct. If Google’s not sure, they may display incorrect information — or not show your business at all in search results.


With your free report you have a baseline and score on your current online visibility. You then can opt in for us to manage it for you by building citations and monitoring online reviews to provide easy access to the correct information prospective and current customers are searching for at the right time and place.

Local First specializes in maximizing your online presence in your service area first and then beyond. If you are locally based and looking for walk in traffic, providing a service at a home or specific location, holding local events or even getting payment online, you need specific search terms that are competitive local first.

We’re no one-trick pony—we offer a full suite of award-winning marketing services. Do you want a new website? SEO services? Fresh content? Some of those fancy Google ads? We're a full-service digital marketing agency at your fingertips designed for you to start right where you are and be competitive even with Amazon. Be visible and functional on all devices.

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What our customers are saying

Thanks for the great work! I’m starting to see some good results. I really appreciate that you under-promised and over-delivered.

Razi M.

March 4, 2016

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